Friday, November 13, 2009


So recently I picked up a Flow-Sponsorship from an amazing man named Michael over at a.k.a. Lithe Clothworks
(located in Los Altos, CA)
IntoTheMecha makes custom handmade backpacks/totebags/toolbags and other great things.
These bags have style and can hold stuff for days! They're super durable and feel great! This is the bag he just finished up for me and I'm already loving it!

After I cut the straps for my needs and get it fully set up the way I need I'm going to take my own photographs of the inside and have a more thorough review over this bag. I've only had it for seriously a day now and while visiting friends in Pacifica for band practice it was turning heads and friends asked "Where did you get that thing!" I'm already in love with it!

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