Sunday, November 1, 2009

beginers supplies...

Aug 22, 2007
Here's what I once had and now it's all gone besides
the pages of negatives
ass load of photo albums
and box full of polaroids...
It all deff. went to great use. With all of this film I was never afraid to say "Hey let's keep shooting! Were not done here!"
-I sold this set of darkroom equipment but still have another set in boxes at the G'ma's house
-This was just a small ammount of the polaroid film I had at one point. I had shoe boxes full of it under my bed. I wish I still had more but I'm down to my last roll...
You'd also be crazy to think I'd spend more than $10 a roll for this shit...

I still have a few of my fav. polaroid cameras
my Canon EOS1N 35mm film camera
Both my Olympus Range Finders
small amount of 35mm film
and a small amount of 120 film...
The other Canon slr (3000?) shutter fell apart and was trashed.

Some day I will again acquire as much material shown in these photos
Till then... I'll shoot with what little supplies I have

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