Tuesday, November 3, 2009

f r i ends

-Xavier playing in the sand @HMB, CA

-Johnny G, Josh T, Myself, Chris W, Ryan G (IN) @ Hubba Hideout after a long day of skating. SF, CA

-Albert back in the day! aka -Beast Man Mocha Fingers. Had the sickest pressure/hardflips. Skatechuch 2007

-Cody Cullen kicking it which his 35mm at Redmorton, RWC

-Cody's douche bag-ass friend. Only kept it because it turned out to be a decent photo.
-Hana G. in a tree at PCC. Redwood City, CA

-Chris from the east coast. Was here on a skate trip. Sure miss this guy along with all the other NJ, NY, and IN skaters that came. Ryan Graves that means you man! @ Skatechurch RWC

-Hannah T. @ HMB, CA

-Last but never the least. Bradley aka Fagley Fagull etc. The good old days when you weren't so damn republican.
I still consider you a friend even after all our dumb arguments...
Canon EOS1N

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