Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dirty Nasty Scummy As Fuck Puddles...

About a month ago myself, Scott, Sean, and Mike (L.C.W.) went to SF and were hitting up spots. As we headed back to cal-train we decided to hit up a old skate ditch a few blocks away from 4th&King. There was a small section of water that I wanted to ride my bike over along the side of this bank in the ditch. It was about 30ft of water and I had a good amount of run up too. So I decided to go for it

This was the end result. A splash, a mess, and a "FUCK!!!!"
I was about 5ft from the end when I slid sideways down the bank into the nasty fecal infested scum water that was below me. After semi drying off we made a bank right next to the ditch and this was the photo Scott snapped right before we mashed it back to the train station.

You can see the dirt and scum on my bike, pants, and arms.

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