Wednesday, May 25, 2011

fuck it...

I'm going on an adventure to MKE.
Lets hope this goes well...
I'm going to miss everyone a lot while I'm gone tho I'm going with a bunch of pretty rad dudes. Lets just hope I don't get annoyed by their stupidity...
That and good things comming to and end. Moving on to greater things.
I think it's time to step up my life and get my shit together...
mix tapes, stickers, flat tires, horrible snacks, long hours of nothing being accomplished, cold nights, photo opportunities and the chance to experience new things...
fuck it all...
lets just do it already. really...
later kids

Monday, January 31, 2011

We were just kids.... about 15, and were told to grow up

I've come to realize, I probably won't ammount to much. But fuck it. I'll try the very best that I can. And hopefully I'll pull through. It's time for round two. That's what comebacks are for.

updating the musical archives
the photo catalogs
my worthless wordrobe
worthless material items that seem to make me happy
when will the wishes be granted?

p r o j e c t s
warrenty snapped axle thru profile
order parts for the pops bike
-(fork, brake lever, ft 36h disc bolt on hub, spokes n nips, rim and happiness)
assemble my ft wheel
-(order 48h rim)
lyrics for that new song I haven't even heard yet
do some fucking laundry
sell Oakleys
sell my childhood memories collecting dust in my closet
put some fucking miles in
be a man and grow some balls, your being such a wuss, get wrecked...
get your shit together in the laboratory

(currently incomplete... must accomplish)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's been awhile...

I've been pretty busy working both my jobs, riding, updating pfg, trying to improve my riding/photo skills that i've neglected this blog. Which kinda sucks... I kinda suck. I've been super frustrated with my thrasher giving me problems and tire clearance. But crimping the frame seemed to help. I ended up buying a new Leader Mordecai which let's hope once fully assembled I'll be happy with but who fucking knows... I just want my destroy frame....
Here's a link to my flickr which has about 10 photos I've recently taken. All digital which blows but at least they look relativley decent

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


so I'm finally done getting my fork ready to ship back to volume.
i'm hopefully gonna have that shit shipped off by tomorrow...
also I yesterday while outside my house I was practicing some new tricks.
don't have this down yet but almost. just need to get a little stronger to pull the bike up with 1 arm but it's close...
it's a fakie keo 1 handed. after the first 180 it's a 2 handed keo. turbo spin that shit and after about the 1st 360 take on hand off while you and the bike are verticle and grab the front wheel over the bars and spin. my goal is so spin without my other arm on the bars but it's gonna take a while for sure...
once I get them down I'll try and film it. I also want to throw a barspin in there too when I get a new fork n stuff...

oh and for origami's sake i didn't flick it but I did a little star design, it's called Pochi Bukuro 1
it looks alright but I used white/purple & on theoppo. side its white. Very hard to tell the design. I really wasn't thinking before I started but whatever that's another one down.

Monday, March 1, 2010


So i've always loved origami for the longest time. I've been doing it since who know's how long. So since I don't update the blog with photos/info as often as I'd like I decided i'd do this.
I'll create a new piece of origami everyday. or every other day as best as I possibly can. So today's first one is this.

A heart with wings. Pretty easy took me a couple mins to complete.
here it is!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

who knew I had muscles?

I think this is a slider too a 2 handed keo. or something. Fakie wheelie?

well realistically I dont but this one sure shows what little muscle I have hahaha
Photo by:Kelsey or Scott

Finally helped Haley get rid of her bigass couch for a smaller little love seat.
We also rearranged her room and cleaned up a little. Kenny also hooked it up with a sweet mini fridge and we just have to finish cleaning it. I'm pretty pumped!
Today myself, Josh, Haley, and Colin all hung out and got J&J's Hawaiian BBQ and holy shit. I fucking died. I ate soo much food. We got to Josh's and I yakked everywhere. Well in his bathroom. We ate around 1ish and I haven't eaten anything since then. Holy shit...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Another pair of Vans down the drain.
These we Van's Era's with a unique Barney color haha.
They lasted a while and were pretty cheap so. No use in trying to save them with glue and tape.

Also TSL's just finished recording our new album. It's all done besides vocals on about 5 tracks. The other 5 are done. If you'd like to listen let me know and I'll link ya to the zip file. We're also playing a show for our good friend Nick at a bar in Pacifica called Winter's. It's a free show so please make it out!

2/23/2010 10:30 PM at Winters Bar
1522 Francisco Blvd
Pacifica, CA 94044
(650) 355-6162

Shia Labeoufs,Five Characters & Commissure
Pacifica, CA
Cost: FREE!!
Nick Andrews Birthday Bash!