Saturday, February 27, 2010

who knew I had muscles?

I think this is a slider too a 2 handed keo. or something. Fakie wheelie?

well realistically I dont but this one sure shows what little muscle I have hahaha
Photo by:Kelsey or Scott

Finally helped Haley get rid of her bigass couch for a smaller little love seat.
We also rearranged her room and cleaned up a little. Kenny also hooked it up with a sweet mini fridge and we just have to finish cleaning it. I'm pretty pumped!
Today myself, Josh, Haley, and Colin all hung out and got J&J's Hawaiian BBQ and holy shit. I fucking died. I ate soo much food. We got to Josh's and I yakked everywhere. Well in his bathroom. We ate around 1ish and I haven't eaten anything since then. Holy shit...

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