Wednesday, February 17, 2010

photo update

so here's a photo I took of my buddy colin with his 35mm slr. Can't remember off the top of my head what camera it was with. fuck whatever. well he's Colin B. at a sweet spot near 22nd street in SF.
Taken Feb 15th, 2010

Now for a quick update
So from Valentines day weekend
Sat. got my bike together and packed shit up and drove to San Jose with Haley, Scott, and Kelsey. Saw a ton of friends and entered the trick comp. It was a blast and I landed a majority of the tricks I've been working on. Though myself or Dongho didn't place I felt we did the best besides taylor whom is on a totally diff level.
Hung out with Alex, Rosie, and Jackie and had pizza that night. Then went home.

Valentines day Haley and I went and had lunch, took a fatass nap and had to dog sit that weekend. It was cool but the house we stayed at was super creepy. We then had dinner with my sister at DQ and my cousin hooked it up fat with ice cream. All in all was a good day.

Monday went to SF with Colin, Kenny, and Xavier. As we got on the train we see Patrick getting off to head to work and we clowned him a little for not going riding with us but hey he didn't have much choice haha. We get to SF and ride a couple spots. I fell a few times and landed a couple cool tricks. Then headed to the Island to meet up with Alex and this rad dude named James was there also. We head to In and Out and ditch Alex (lunchbox Northbayfixed) and he calls me 10 mins later saying he's snapped his Chainring bolt on his bmx cranks. We couldnt do much for him but tow his ass 4 miles down embarcadeo to his car! Fuck that shit! We all piled in his car and drove to San Jose. We met up at I-D and kicked it with all the Sjf dudes. Me and X went to City hall to ride while Alex fixed his shit. While there we rode with a bunch of kids and I was bunny hopping up this 3ft ledge and then 180ing off it. Landed it 5 times 1st try and when I did the 6th one I snapped my down tube near the head tube. I was soooo pised. So I'm trying to put the pista back together and rock 28c tires! whoo hoo. FML. Well we then went to Kennys and hung out and all got pizza. Then I came home and that's bout it. Should have a edit from the two days up soon whenever kenny finishes it.
Well if anyone out there reads all this and you have lots of extra income that's not being used and you feel like being a hero in my eyes. Sponser me or hook me up with a 54cm Gorilla Kilroy. I promise you your money will be well spent and I will throw down tricks like no tomorrow... Sounds dumb but I know I can achieve my next level of potential with a bike like that...
well signing off for now. Later

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