Monday, January 31, 2011

We were just kids.... about 15, and were told to grow up

I've come to realize, I probably won't ammount to much. But fuck it. I'll try the very best that I can. And hopefully I'll pull through. It's time for round two. That's what comebacks are for.

updating the musical archives
the photo catalogs
my worthless wordrobe
worthless material items that seem to make me happy
when will the wishes be granted?

p r o j e c t s
warrenty snapped axle thru profile
order parts for the pops bike
-(fork, brake lever, ft 36h disc bolt on hub, spokes n nips, rim and happiness)
assemble my ft wheel
-(order 48h rim)
lyrics for that new song I haven't even heard yet
do some fucking laundry
sell Oakleys
sell my childhood memories collecting dust in my closet
put some fucking miles in
be a man and grow some balls, your being such a wuss, get wrecked...
get your shit together in the laboratory

(currently incomplete... must accomplish)

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