Thursday, January 28, 2010

update....quick clip

so I just started work again in the lab.
It's pretty awesome but hard work. we have roughly 25 to 30 new students and only 4 of them being returning advanced students. We're running low on chemicals too and I don't think were getting any in the near future. Also keep getting flats. I also landed a super clean 180 into a bank at the skatepark straight into a slider. Also had to hear all this stupid ass bullshit from Josh B. about how I'm not going anywhere riding fixed. That's ok. No reason to argue with him I guess. As long as I'm having fun. Could care less about foolish fools. Also got some feeble grinds down on some of the ledges. I'm also waiting for Mike B. (intothemecha) to heal up so we can ride! He's also working on some new foot retention straps for me to destroy for some good ole PR&D. Will post them once I get a pair when he starts sewing some up. Should be here next week when I go ride with him tuesday.
I also got a new front tire today since my old one tore through at Marcus house during band practice. I guess Rob and the others said my 180's got way higher but today they really didn't seem or feel like it. Maybe tomorrow after I'm done skating with Josh and X I can work on them.
Enough blabber here's a clip Marcus filmed of me in Brisbane CA last week.
More to come soon

1.23.10 from Daniel Torres on Vimeo.

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