Wednesday, January 13, 2010


so I don't have much to post lately.
I guess i'll catch up on stuff that's been happening lately.
Destroyed my conversion
Got my job back back being a Darkroom T.A.
Built up Haleys old yellow mercier frame with the fu man
and bmx cranks
Haley got a new frame 49cm Scrambler Black
She got me a new 48h Silver Chukker laced to a Profile hub (shits so beefy)
Went to Sean/Katherines Newyeareve party, was pretty fun
Been playing polo pretty often with everyone
Got filmed and was in a couple short edits Chris Fonseca put out
Took 2nd place at the Sacramento 5 Stop Scally Cat Trick Comp
Taylor Dwight from P.A. who I drove up with took 1st. (he's so damn good now)
Finally learned 180 sliders along with some other cool stuff
Built up a shitty blue road frame as a fixed polo bike w/ ductape disc
Have seriously popped like 8 tubes in the past 2 weeks.
Rode with Xavier and Mike B. (IntoTheMechaBags) and tricked it up around Stanford

Life hasn't seemed to be going anywhere. Ya i've learned some new tricks and made some new riding friends but... Life seems so dull. I need to take that leap. Get out and experience something new and outta the ordinary. I want to go back to school really bad. I want to be something. It feels like I'm just settleing. I dont want that.

Where will this road I've chosen take me...
photos will be up soon hopefully

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