Friday, December 11, 2009


So lately I haven't been doing much but working up in the lab helping students print photos and print my own shit. I need to dev. some rolls bad. But x-mas has tied my funds pretty hard. I've also been tricking it up as much as I can even tho i've been sick. I recently helped Tyler D finish making his own polo sticks and Sean finally finished mine. So we've been having late night polo sessions in the parking garage which have been a blast.
Also the shitty la fucks played a show at the grind with Jon L. (Bird Surgeon) and Hammer Horror Classics (Jeremey's band) which was fun. Oh Sleepers with Matt C. and Jon S. also played an amazing set. Hopefully I can trek it out to Pacifica soon to practice with the guys. I need to write some shit out. Have so much stuff jammin through my mind. Fuck life needs to take a breather and slow down.... Or I just need to speed up...
Printed Josh a few photos since he's been really sick lately. I'm really pullin for him and I'm glad he's comming to Colins hang out tonight. I miss him and really wanna kick it with him. I'm also going to give Colin for his birthday a cool photo I printed of him and Ty riding for his present. He's also going to drink for the first time tonight so well see how that goes. I should snapp a roll off tonight too hahaha.
Well I guess I got out everything but yeah... Soon the semester will be over for a few weeks and I can get a little more organized and hopefully repair my bike a little more. It's been holding up alright for a while now. but yeah... I need to fully get my 3 taps, fakie sliders into 3 taps and hop bars.

Oh and fuck my right middle finger for getting jammed super hard while landing one last night with scott who is also back which is rad cause now I don't have to trick it up alone so much.

Fuck... I gotta get it off my chest...

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