Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finally done!!!!

So last night was our B&W photo final at school. I helped all the students mat they're final prints and we all chatted it up, ate food, and had a grand old time. After all the students went home I talked to Jerry (my photo teacher whom I T.A. for) and he told me that I did a great job being his T.A. this semester and wants me back again for next semester. After hearing this I got so pumped! It made my whole evening. Not only that but I had time to make it down to Polo with all the homies.

I went and picked up Haley and the bikes. I had a slow leak in my front wheel so I pumped it up and it held for the rest of the night. We got there about an hour an a half after they started and by far there were so many people there. A lot of station heads who don't ride fixed but ride beefy ass MTB's were playing polo with us. It was legit! We had enough to play 5 on 5. So many crashes. So much bullshit. So much fun.
I made the 1st goal as well as the 2nd goal but we lost 3 to 5. It was super fun and next time the team i'm on will win. I also landed a bunch of 3 taps and slider 3 taps. I also landed a slider 3 tap wheelie into a 180 but it was super sketchy.

Also my frame has been cracking and my top tube is warped and cracked. So is my seat brake stay as well as other things. Rear wheel has a hop and is untrue, front wheel untrue, fork loose, BB axel slightly bent, cranks creaking, seat busted as fuck... left grip falling off FUCK!!! I need a Gorilla or a fucking Thrasher.
Enough ranting. I gotta get the photos from my bag up here to send to mike. I'll also take a few flicks of the dents in my frame too...

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